Agate Bay Resort

Private Fish House Services - WinterAgate Bay ResortAgate Bay Resort provides many services to private fish house owners, most commonly, an annual winter fish house package and a summer fish house package.

Annual winter fish house package:
Our annual winter package includes pulling the house on and off the lake, one owner’s winter season access or road pass, driveways to your house on the lake whenever needed, and summer storage across the highway. Our packages range from $630.00 to $800.00, depending on the size of the house. Extra owner pass is $40.00.

In addition, we offer house moving, LP gas, blocking and banking houses, stove start-up and lights, hole drilling, and many other services at additional cost.


Wheel or Road Towable Houses
We welcome wheel houses on either a seasonal or daily basis. Our seasonal wheel house package includes all of the services in the annual winter fish house package with the following changes. You pull the house on and off the lake and we will plow you a new driveway off our roads whenever you want to move your house. Obviously, you must stay within the area where we put fish houses for us to plow the new driveway. In addition, you get the season access pass and driveways to your house whenever it is needed. The cost for the winter season is $495.00.

On a daily basis, we charge $20.00 per day for wheel house access. We offer a three-day special pass for $50.00. We will plow you a driveway off our roads when you arrive, and a new driveway, if you want to move.

All access fees include the use our heated shower complex that is open 24 hours per day.